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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Sep May 2018

Greetings. Welcome to the Dementia of Magic, a somewhat silly plot-grounded comic, updated MWF (eventually). Sit back, enjoy, read the story, have a look around, just have a nutty good time.

If you're new here, you're best off starting from the beginning. It's quite a bit plot-dependent.

December 17, 2017:

I don't think I need to remind anybody that it's been a rough year all around, for everyone. I've got an intro comic I'm working on right now that says that, in fact. Let's just say I still temporarily have a job and leave it at that for now. There may be more moving in the near future. There has at least been job hunting. Who knows where I'll end up next?

Chapter Eight will start with a cold open sort of intro. Then it will go into my more traditional intro. That first part with the cold open is done, and it stands at ten pages. I probably could have toned things down a bit, but I feel it looks great, or at least better than my usual stuff. I'm improving! Yay! The traditional part comes next, then a few "normal" strips, then I throw the switch and start putting them up. Y'know, start the chapter strong and all. Incidentally, do you know how tricky it is figuring out how to draw a skeleton that reasonably looks like it would fit in the body of people drawn in my usual style?

The Chapter Three book is done, checked over, and ready to go! Thanks for the final checks, Laura! And then I was informed that CreateSpace is changing how they do things and I can no longer have a "private" storefront for the physical books. Drat. I still need to determine what I'm going to do about that. One of my options is to sell it on the general Amazon storefront, of course, but that will require me jacking up the price a few bucks. Yay Amazon. That'd also mean the general public would see it and be terribly confused as to what it all means (these books are decidedly not written with someone unfamiliar with the comic and my writing style in mind), but that's another matter. PDF versions are also ready to go, just as soon as I decide how I'll distribute them. Chances are those will be free, but, I dunno, would anyone be too put out if I looked into something like and sold them for a dollar or so?

I do have a local GNU Social instance running, as well as a presence over on the Octodon instance of the big ol' Mastodon federated social network. Okay, to be fair, the GNU Social instance also federates on the same protocol. I'm not sure which of the two will be my "main", but I'm putting together plans for the former to be widgeted into this page for live microbloggy updates, regardless of if anyone's watching or not. I think I said this last time, too. Let me check in the section directly below this. Oh, hey, I did. I'll actually provide the links when Chapter Eight begins, but it's not too hard to figure out my username on Octodon, if you've a mind to.

So here's to the next year being an improvement. There's always hope. Stay safe, and fly fresh funky, my friends.

Man, that's a quote derived from Desert Bus for Hope 8, nobody's going to piece THAT together...

June 26, 2017:

First: The Chapter Three book is awaiting a quick look-over by a friend of mine to confirm that my random commentary rambling isn't insane, then it goes straight up for sale. Yay! Hopefully that's not going to take much longer, though said friend has been having a bit of misfortune regarding housing lately.

Second: Chapter Eight. The problem is that, in addition to digital-only work for this chapter, it turns out I've accidentally written the intro such that it's a lot more complicated than usual, involving six characters in new outfits plus a decent-sized army of characters all at once (I'm terrible at drawing large crowds), and I'm still learning the ropes of digital comic construction (all the new book stuff is digital-only, but almost all of that involved single-shots, not full comics), so it's winding up taking quite a bit longer than I thought it would. Plus, y'know, full-time job and all. That sort of eats into time.

The intro is still underway, though. I've got two intro pages done, a third is being made, and I'm hoping to finish out all of that plus a few "normal" strips before I start releasing them (which implies that, for a short while at least, updates will be MWF until that runs out). I'm working on it.

May 9, 2017:

Proof copies of the Chapter Three book are zipping through the mail as we speak! This time around, I needed a few more proofs than before, given I've learned the hard way that the color schemes and darkness I'm using on a few images don't seem to agree with CreateSpace's automated printing system. Hopefully I've got something workable with the most recent ones I had shipped out.

This, of course, brings me to the issue of Chapter Eight. Which isn't really an issue in and of itself, per se; I know where I'm going with it, I've got what I think is a good outline for it, and I can picture the whole thing in my mind. It's just a matter of gearing up for the art bits of it, which is always the time-consuming part. Worse when I've had a bit of distraction recently (even not counting the book). I'm thinking that's mostly behind me now, though, so with any luck I should be getting back in the swing of things. I'm going digital-only for this chapter, too, so we'll see how that turns out.

I've also been looking into Mastadon/GNU Social-derived madness, so that might lead to at least a token social media presence for anyone to follow. Or maybe just a microblog widget on the site.

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