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Dementia of Magic books!

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Chapter Three cover
Chapter Three

It's time once again for another Dementia of Magic book. After years of waiting (since the first one), you, too, can own a beautiful paperback copy of Chapter Three in book form. And just look at what you get this time around:

First, enjoy the luxury of 236 pages of 8"x10.5" comic collection goodness. That's everything in Chapter Three (besides Break Time), rendered in glorious full color. Everything, including the Lineta Hall trip, Lucien's search for one of the Founders' Final books, Howard's short stint in the Landis Royal Army, Marzos's otherworld portal, and the introduction of the Healing Springs, all for your perusal in the time-honored medium of paper.

Second, take in the exquisite hand-crafted commentary on every comic. Each one has been lovingly prepared with only the finest of analysis, self-deprecation, production stories, and historical notes of interest, seasoned with just the right amount of egotistical nonsense and silly dreck. Now you can learn just what Alex was doing with that rock when she was studying things in Lineta Hall, some of the logic behind Howard's spoken enchantment glyphs, and what I had planned with the tree-hand that came out of Marzos's portal.

And if that weren't enough, there are plenty of all-new, freshly-drawn bonus doodles along with everything else. See all manner of haywire ideas and cockamamie concepts that went through my mind as I put this book together, this time fully drawn in the digital domain using the best of graphics tablet technology I could bother to purchase, because wow can those things get expensive. The drawings are crisper and cleaner than those in Chapter Two, and far more of them are in full color, including several full-page drawings of key moments in the chapter, but mostly just things I thought might be funny at the time.

You can have all of this, and more, for the price of $30 (USD). You have my guarantee that it is a thing that you can purchase, so long as nothing goes wrong with Amazon.

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Chapter Two cover
Chapter Two

You asked for it! At least someone asked for it at any rate! Let's just assume you asked for it, as that'll make the phrasing less awkward! Let's start again!

You asked for it! You waited for it! You asked again for it! And now, years later, I actually made a physical book of Dementia of Magic comics!

The first of the DoM books is a fine, 216-page, 8"x10.5" paperback tome of comics, chronicling everything in Chapter Two (besides Break Time), from the demon chicken incident to Cy's revelation to the Perfect Equinox Festival to Stephanie's introduction. It's full-color, it's full-paper, and it's jam-packed with ridiculous commentary and oddball sketches made especially for the book! Plus a two-page color spread that should clear up just what would've happened if Alex met Stephanie!

What's more, every comic in the book has been carefully re-texted from scratch! No more dealing with the old Chiller font in the first part of the chapter! Everything's been completely redone to be cleaner, more readable, and slightly less awkward in parts! With only minor retcons!

So, assuming you're familiar enough with the comic and you asked for a book like this, what're you waiting for? You can order one today! It's $30 (USD)! It's a real object!

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