by Nicholas Killewald

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

A Nyert, sometimes called a Topiary Goblin, is a nasty little creature. Its body looks very similar to common bushes and shrubs and its limbs resemble branches. These features allow them to easily hide in said bushes, waiting to ambush an unwary traveller. They usually attack in bunches, as the darn things just aren't big enough to really do much damage on their own. A pack of larger ones, though, can be a significant danger.

Fortunately, Nyerts are easily scared by attention or groups of people. They don't hide near towns or attack travelling parties, for instance. They're also quick to run if they feel threatened. They look like bushes, for crying out loud. If you had a body and head that a horse could easily mistake for food, you'd probably be quick to run from most things, too.

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