by Nicholas Killewald

Monday, August 14, 2006

The major patrol squads of Landis are named after precious jewels. Sally is captain of Topaz Squad, Cy is captain of Sapphire Squad, etc. The squads are kept small (one captain, two troops) to maintain ease of deployment, though it is not uncommon for individual members of squads to join others should the need arise. The royal army mages are not normally parts of patrol squads and are generally distributed to whatever squad needs a mage at the time, owing to the differences in training and utility between soldiers and mages, and also because the soldiers sort of don't like dealing with the mages.

Rostone Squad is named after the rostone, a precious jewel known mainly for its truly hideous brown color, unimpressively dull face, and legitimately impressive hardness. While it has its applications in art and design, it is usually used for its blunt surfaces, easily translatable into an incredibly strong blunt tool for smiths or blunt weapons for people who like blunt weapons. Rostone Squad fields a fair amount of insult for this.

The management would also like to apologize for any injuries sustained from the quantity or confusing layout of text and text bubbles in the past few comics.

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