by Nicholas Killewald

Monday, June 30, 2008

The Springs and the basin themselves are actually considerably larger than what is apparently pictured. What is shown is a nasty perspective error in the art. Sorry.

The Healing Springs Grand Ceremony is, in fact, not really all that long to begin with, depending heavily on the amount of people the person in question knew. In a general case, the procession starts at the base of the spiral and works its way up, owing to the limited space in the Springs chamber itself. Most other people worthy of the Grand Ceremony each have many people to attest to his or her worth, though each normally limit themselves to small blurbs. It's all quite dramatic, and the fact that it, on average, only happens once every few centuries (if that) makes it a real shame the whole ceremony couldn't be seen here.

The ceremony normally does involve a lot of walking up the spiral, though. That is generally not appreciated.

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