by Nicholas Killewald

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Once again, it's guest strip time! Even though the past chapter review kinda was a series of guest strips. Just written. What have we here this time?

The major problem here is that these guest strips have, in fact, been sitting around for, oh, two years or so. Oops. Sorry. I do distinctly recall what Richard "Bluez" Brooks, a friend of mine from a community based on a video game way back when, was referring to in this one. Specifically, it was a review of my comic from a website which I'm not entirely certain still exists. The point was, the reviewer in question questioned the fact that Matt is a thief, which isn't really an honorable profession about which one should go bragging about. Except that Matt has at times gone out of his way to dodge explaining this fact to others...

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