by Nicholas Killewald

Nicholas Killewald

Having slain the demon lord of the Yrnolbi Empire, Nick took the throne, completing his psychotic quest to attain its dark powers. Now in command of the horrible army of Uldo, his maniacal lifelong obsession may finally come to fruition, blanketing all the land in unnatural, demonic darkness controlled by him and him alone.

Betraying his hometown of Vortrilk in the process, he hasn't made many friends. Any human friends, at least; the forces of the underworld are of course loyal to his twisted will by the diabolic power of the Yrnolbi throne. Buried under tons of toxic Phortomine crystals for defying him, none from Vortrilk can ever question his rule again. None, that is, except his own brother, having escaped and swearing revenge...

He is cute and single.

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