by Nicholas Killewald

Phillip Killewald

The sole survivor of the assault on Vortrilk by his brother, Phil has spent a lifetime seeking revenge and justice. While Nick commands unholy power from the Yrnolbi throne, Phil commands great skill, honed from years of exploration to find the enchanted artifacts that can end all of Yrnolbi once and for all. Few of the survivors of this hell-scorched land question his motives, and even fewer stand in the way of his noble quest.

Now, armed with the shimmering armor of Gotlosik and the Divine Sword of Holy Flame, he has his sights set on the final artifact needed to reverse the damage to the land, the mighty Orb of Sten'Dimah, the light of which repels all from Yrnolbi. But, his brother has learned of his actions, and will stop at nothing to remain in control of the throne...

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