by Nicholas Killewald

Wednesday, July 9, 2003

The elves are, to say the least, very tradition-minded folk. The vast majority of them live in forests, as their forefathers did before them, and their forefathers, ad nauseum. These forest cities are generally carved out out of the foliage of the forests themselves, creating complex communities both on the ground and amidst tall tree branches.

Similarly, their approach to making their brandy has not changed in several generations of elves (Putting this in perspective, this could be anywhere in the range of a few thousand years). They still use the same all-natural techniques and ingredients as their ancestors, creating the same drink that they and many other races around the world have grown to love.

While the all-natural ingredients do lend themselves to the familiar sweet taste of the drink, they also tend to lend themselves to a distinct lack of preservatives.

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