by Nicholas Killewald

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I had a footnote here that explained in more detail the ramifications of Matt not being able to see the illusions of him due to his mild experience in recognizing magic via Alex practicing spells. It involved why this wouldn't work with a well-trained mage and why it might work with a novice mage or one who wasn't paying attention and made comparisons to modern-day events and programming and stuff like that to make my point.

But it got real confusing about how Simon (zero magic experience) DID see them, how Matt (little experience) DIDN'T see them, how actual mages WOULD seem them sometimes, and it all just got into a big mess.

So let's just say that wouldn't have happened like that if Matt were an actual mage. Okay? Okay. Today's comic just sounded like a better idea before I drew it.

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