by Nicholas Killewald

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

First, a couple words about magic staves: Bull hockey.

Second, a few more, perhaps more descriptive words. Enchanted staves are considerably uncommon. There is just very little use for them. The ones that ARE enchanted are generally only used by neophyte mages or non-mages as a tool with which to cast otherwise trivial or useful spells.

A staff, however, CAN be used as a focusing tool. That is to say, it can help a mage focus an otherwise overly powerful or confusing spell properly. Staves being used in this manner are relatively common, but the staff itself generally isn't at all enchanted. Even at that, the staff doesn't even take on any residual magic from the spells focused through it.

That is to say, this won't be as simple a solution as some may think.

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