by Nicholas Killewald

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Confusingly, the term "The Healing Springs" can refer to two different things. By literal definition, it means the Healing Springs of Promalle; that is, the source of the healing water itself high atop the Central Spiral, guarded by the Centaur Sentries of Promalle. However, given the centaurs are tasked with protecting the source of the Springs from all but those considered worthy, people more often than not mean the surrounding developed and inhabited area that sprung up due to the still-useful qualities of the water as it streamed down the mountain. The centaurs have, over time, learned to deal with these people.

The surrounding area primarily consists of a series of communities carved into spiral walkways going up numerous mountains and rock faces nearby. Five of these spirals — the north, south, east, west, and central ones — are considered the main centers of activity. Each also acts as a gateway to the area from the harsh mountainous regions nearby, with the South Spiral, also known as the Front Spiral, being the most-used, mainly because everybody comes in from the south and nobody really cares about what's in the other directions. Central Spiral, the tallest, contains the actual Springs themselves. And numerous centaurs. And, at present, our main cast.

Outside of their divine duties, the centaurs aren't half bad of people.

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