by Nicholas Killewald

Monday, August 18, 2014

Let's just call the tall girl in Amethyst Squad "Triala". Her name hasn't come up yet.

Triala is a jungle tribal. Jungle tribals are, in a broad sense, similar to the wasteland tribals mentioned at the end of Chapter Six, except that they live in the heavy jungles of the lands far east of Breznial rather than the vast desert wastelands south of Landis. However, owing to the fact that jungles are at least marginally more hospitable to outsiders than the harsh, unforgiving wastelands, jungle tribals have had more contact with the civilized world over hundreds of years. As such, they have picked up on other languages, are more generally aware of modern culture, and most importantly, some have decided to move into kingdoms such as Landis. Being warrior tribes by nature, it follows that Triala went into the Landis Royal Army when she got here.

Unfortunately, jungle tribals have never exactly been very trusting of forest elves. After all, a race that can legitimately claim to know the trees better than they can is going to make them a bit uneasy, hence Triala's apprehension at having to talk to Phinn. It's enough of a stretch for her to get along with Cy in the Landis barracks.

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