by Nicholas Killewald

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I'm Nicholas Killewald. I'm some random guy originally from Michigan currently residing in parts unknoooooooooooown!!! I'm a software engineer by both profession and hobby, I code things of my own in my spare time, and I draw things now and then.

I am cute and single.

I hold a Master's Degree in computer science and engineering from Oakland University in Rochester, MI (not, as everyone keeps asking, anything to do with Oakland, CA). Before that, I held a Bachelor's Degree in computer engineering from the same university. At not a single point in my education have I ever taken a proper art class.

Apart from required classes in grade school and high school, no. I'm honestly not entirely certain where I got most of my art talent (such that it is) from, nor WHY I started drawing. I just sort of DID start, and it eventually evolved into what I've got now. I started picking up bits and pieces from comic styles I liked as I went along and kept mutating them into my style, and I got advice from my other webcomic artist friends along the way, but I've never had anything like "proper" training.

That's hard to say. Art-wise, I've definitely been inspired by others, of course, but a lot of the time it's kinda subconscious when it inspires me. I tend to build off small fragments of various art styles (the way a specific pose works, how to put certain types of clothing on a character, etc), but usually not something overly specific. Best answer I've got is I dunno.

As for my writing influences, you might pick out some strains of Mystery Science Theater 3000 spread throughout the comic. No overt references, I think, but sometimes the same logic. Same with Monty Python's Flying Circus. And, somewhat more related to the comic's theme, Discworld. Or whatever else I was into at the time I wrote any of this.

At my heart, I'm an almost straight-up computer geek. I write code both at my job and in my spare time. I'm not nearly as much a gamer geek as I used to be, but I still play a few from time to time. In short, I draw because I need something to do that isn't just loafing around all day.

Offline, I tend to hide out at work and at my apartment.

Online, I'm most commonly found in the LoadingReadyRun community, most often in The Desert Bus Community IRC Network. I also lurk around their Discord. They're good people. In general.

You might also find me in The Kingdom of Loathing, if you look hard enough. I've been known to visit some of the KoL meets and conventions that dot the country. You never know, you might see me in a crowd of strange people with bright green shirts with pictures of sabre-toothed limes on them near you! An adventurer is me!

The closest I've got to that is my little Mastodon instance, You might have seen the widget on the main page. It federates! However, I have neither a Facebook nor Twitter account, and I don't have plans on getting either, so those are out of the question.

Oh, come on, nobody actually me asks that.

But if you're genuinely curious, no, I generally don't do commissions. There's a variety of reasons why not, mostwithstanding is my glacially slow art pacing. I wouldn't feel right taking money for something like that if it wouldn't be done in a potentially long time. Sorry about that. Maybe some other time.

This doesn't mean I won't draw anything by suggestion, just that I offer no guarantees about it.

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