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Well, since you asked...

  • Jakub "DrJones" Offierski, the first person who ever took notice of my characters and encouraged me to go on with this.
  • Cobra, who I've spent long long nights talking to about the comic and who helped me develop the characters to where they are in my head right now.
  • Ned "Gizmo" Hugar, who liked my jokes and gave me a few pointers on how medieval life worked, and who always reminds me that it's spelt "chainmaille", not "chainmail".
  • Jeremy "Skittlez" Brannon, who's quite intrigued with the stories and how the characters live, who's taken the time to listen to my ideas time and time again, and who actually thinks Alex is cute.
  • Richard "Bluez" Brooks II, who took the time to mock nearly everything I've ever drawn. No, I'm kidding. He took the time to mock everything I've ever drawn. But through that, he's also helped me develop my drawing skills, so it's all cool.
  • MarsDragon, one of the most patient people I know, who's listened to and helped improve many of my ideas.
  • Kero, who's been quite intrigued by the whole comic.
  • Pete "Petie" Shumate, the author of a thousand webcomics, who goes down in history not only as the first 'random' person to like my ideas, that is, person I didn't know from elsewhere already, but also the man who's given me a fair amount of help and advice getting my Keenspace account on the move.
  • Brian "milesba" Miles, who likes my comic and all, but really goes here for helping me with quite a few points of Linux when I was starting out, eventually leading to me knowing how to host my doodles on my little Linux server until I got the account on Keenspace (which I later left for the Runaway Network).
  • Nemesis, a friend of mine since the old JJ2 days who's given me a few pointers on drawing along the way.
  • Nicholas "Tegeran" Knight, who hosts the comic and who I helped write the script I use to update.
  • Laura Taylor, who I've bounced many ideas off of, who drew up a map of the DoM world, who came up with the Break Time 3 story review, and who is a really cool friend who writes her own fantasy world, too (but I don't have a link to yet).

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