by Nicholas Killewald

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(That thing you're looking at now)

I use Autofox, an AutoKeen replacement made by Nicholas "Tegeran" Knight and myself. It's really cool, if not a bit of a pain to set up. I guess that's what you get when two sysadmins work on a project like that.

In the future sometime, it'll get upgraded. You can ask for a copy of Autofox, but whether or not you can figure it out is another matter.

My host is the Runaway Network. It's run by the aforementioned Nicholas Knight. Nice place.

See, there was a time when I strived to gain some sort of recognition on the BuzzComix list. Thanks to BuzzComix's ability to put image incentives for voting, I scanned off my college notebook doodles and put them up once in a while as a bonus for people to vote. In theory, this was to occur daily. Hence, Daily Vote Bonus Doodles.

That, however, was a long time ago, and times have since changed. Not only do I tend to have more important things to do, I've also pretty well given up on the votey bits. So unfortunately, there won't be any new vote doodles. I might start putting up random doodles otherwise, though.

But, in the Daily Vote Bonus Doodle Archive, I keep all the old doodles I used to do. Some are interesting, others aren't. Many don't even involve the DoM.

Considered it, yes, but besides the Mastodon widget I came up with, I can't think of anything worth doing. Something like a kinda-live chat board thing is right out (I'm not really in the mood to clean out what is effectively a spamdump every hour), and past that, I can't think of anything really interesting. Maybe later I'll come up with some downloadable toys. We'll see.

Can't say as I have. Since the comic itself is parsed out to very simple HTML which pretty well any modern smartphone can deal with, and the parser also generates an RSS feed for feedworthy feeding, and I don't have any other silly gadgets to keep track of, I'm not at all sure what sort of benefit there'd be, apart from cluttering up your app lists with more icons.

I mean, sure, it might be MY icons, but still.

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The Dementia of Magic is hosted on RunawayNet. The whole thing's automated by AutoFox So there.

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