by Nicholas Killewald

Queen Janis Breznial

The Breznial Kingdom is well-known in the region as a largely gang-run land where out-and-out chaos is only kept in check by the most basic instinct of most living creatures to preserve their own lives and therefore avoid doing stupid things that would get themselves killed in largely gang-run lands. Inside the castle, however, is an entirely different story, one presided over by Janis Breznial, queen of the nation.

Perhaps "presided over" is a bit of a strong term, though. Actually, it's perhaps more of a complete lie. And not just "perhaps", but definitely. A castle-wide conspiracy started early in the reign of her mother and kept a secret from all in the kingdom has, for all intents and purposes, stripped Janis of all power over the kingdom. Janis is merely kept around as a figurehead for the people in the castle; they love their queen far more than the councilpeople and other castle dwellers who are really in control, and said people really in control would rather not see what happens when a cloistered castle population who grossly outnumber them suddenly lose their beloved leader.

Janis, for her part, was informed of this at a young age by her mother. She's also very not happy about this entire setup: "Her" people are a bunch of gibbering morons kept that way by the conspirators so they don't ask inconvenient questions, she only has slight clues about the criminal activities outside the castle walls, she's a prisoner in her own rightful castle, and she'd rather not be mocked by an arrogant, smug group of people with little concern for her life aside from her appearance as a puppet ruler. She's tried to escape numerous times before, she'll keep trying to do so, and she doesn't really care what's going to happen to the castle when she finally does get away from her kingdom...

Oh, and there's a particularly annoying talking rat involved. He really doesn't help her nerves much.

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