by Nicholas Killewald

Friday, September 2, 2005

It should be mentioned, of course, that getting yourself confused over learning magic that's way out of your league isn't quite the same as simply getting a headache, getting frustrated, and throwing a book across the room or out the window, possibly hitting a goose along the way. It's a bit worse, in fact, even if you account for an enraged goose with all its friends chasing you. Especially when you consider that magic has a fair amount to do with your mind. The same mind, mind you, that you've just frustrated and confused thanks to you sticking your nose in things you really should've worked your way up to gradually.

It's more like... well, you know how you're looking at a new service motherboard in the hardware programming labs, and you're looking over the docs for it? And so you poke around with every little feature you can find in it until you're hopelessly confused as to what does what and how you'd use it? And then you turn over the wrong register and wind up blowing out the board in a glorious puff of burning electronics? It's kinda like that.

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