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Fanart From Other People

Fanart. Good for what ails you. By which I guess I mean what ails me.

Jessica Regenbrecht's Worldwide Stephanie thumbie
By Jessica Regenbrecht
So Jessica Regenbrecht, a good friend of mine, was asking for commissions a while back. Thus, to give her a curious assignment, I commissioned her to draw the main part of the Worldwide Stephanie wallpaper I made a couple years ago. Specifically, the part with Stephanie and the planet. And this is what she came up with. Which is quite awesome indeed.
1000x1238, 412kB
September 28, 2009

Chris's Hecate vs Alex thumbie
By Chris Paluszek of Carzorthade
Chris, wanting to draw something to get himself back into Jaks Tales, came up with this pic of a showdown between Hecate (one of his characters) and Alex. Why, you ask? Why not, I say!
744x507, 64.9kB
December 1, 2007

You know Chris, right? Well, you should. Really. He's been refining his art style over the years, and suddenly one day, he presented me with this drawing of Alex. This considerably awesome drawing of Alex, that is!
623x1063, 66.7kB
September 5, 2007

Suddenly! An artist by the name of Emily Martha Sorensen approached me online with this slice of fanart! It features Alex at her experimenting best! Which, as usual, means more Nasal Flies! Everyone loves Nasal Flies!
750x592, 47.4kB
November 2, 2006

So at some point in the DoM RSS feed account on LiveJournal, someone by the username of ChaosPerfected showed up out of the blue to give me this handy mouse-drawn pic of Alex. And hey, it's not that bad at all for something drawn entirely with the mouse!
304x217, 41.8kB
October 11, 2006

You remember Laura Taylor, right? Well, turns out she's wanted to make a map of the (as yet known) DoM world for a long time now. And here it is! She took the time to dig through the entire archive to find the various locations I've come up with and where they all are! And it DOES look eerily similar to how I picture it in my head, honestly.
595x601, 312.0kB
December 19. 2005

Jessica listed three things that are adorable when she sent me this: Kittens, baby penguins falling over, and Phinn. And with this pic, I can't really argue. Isn't Phinn adorable? Yes. Yes, she is.
228x599, 39.8kB
September 9, 2005

Mushroom's Cy thumbie Zira's Alex thumbie
Cy and Alex
By the tag-team efforts of Mushroom and Zira, respectively
So it turns out Mushroom read that last description and decided he had to fix Cy's hair. And so he did! It's long once again! And then he bugged his friend Zira to make more fanart. And so she did! With Alex this time! Zira much prefers the ribbon in Alex's hair. I much prefer whatever takes less effort to draw.
464x487, 44.6kB
288x619, 28.2kB
July 29, 2005

So, Zira (mentioned previously) comes up to me with a piece of fanart by a friend of hers. Fanart, of all things, of Cy, Eddie and Winslow. How about that, huh? Well? How about it? Not sure when Cy decided to cut his hair, but he got Eddie and Winslow's personalities down.
614x717, 55.1kB
July 19, 2005

Even people who've never talked to me love Howard! Someone named Zira showed up out of the blue one day to offer me the first of these, the one with Howard and Tilly. Then she came back with the Phinn one later. She was kinda wondering what color Phinn's eyes were, which was hard to answer, given how I draw eyes...
238x247, 10.8kB
228x552, 28.3kB
July 10, 2005

Succorelle's Howard and Tilly thumbie
By Lauren "Succorelle" Woods
See? EVERYONE loves Howard! Just like the Nasal Fly. Forum newcomer Succorelle approached me with this, calling it a pic of Howard in more modern clothes. And that's largely what it is! I have no idea why Tilly's so happy, though.
480x1193, 108kB
July 7, 2005

Jessica Regenbrecht's Coffee Series 1 thumbie Jessica Regenbrecht's Coffee Series 2 thumbie
The Coffee Series (one, two)
Jessica Regenbrecht returned a bit after her first bit of fanart a month ago to show her never-ending love of coffee via DoM characters! What's more, she did something I don't see very often and actually gave me fanart of Jacob! Dig that!
532x462, 165kB
376x376, 133kB
June 9, 2005

During Break Time 2, Larazoma, one of the forum regulars, handed this to me. Clearly, more people like Phinn than I thought. I've got to put her in more plots. But hey! Bask in the fantasyish art Larazoma's good at drawing!
652x924, 114kB
June 9, 2005

It's nice getting fanart from people I never even knew read the comic. Like this one from Jessica Regenbrecht, someone who was excited to see Howard back again at the end of Chapter Two (funny how everyone loves Howard) and just had to draw this. Gotta love the goofy expression. And she even got his half-pendant right!
272x425, 71.7kB
May 2, 2005

It's nice getting fanart from people I never even knew read the comic. Like this one from Jessica Regenbrecht, someone who was excited to see Howard back again at the end of Chapter Two (funny how everyone loves Howard) and just had to draw this. Gotta love the goofy expression. And she even got his half-pendant right!
272x425, 71.7kB
May 2, 2005

Cobra's Stephanie thumbie Cobra's Howard thumbie
By Cobra
My good friend Cobra, she really likes Stephanie. And she really loves Howard and Tilly. And that was enough to get her back into drawing things. So she came to me one day with these little drawings. Can't get enough evil people and drunk dolls, right? Right!
657x857, 79.7kB
396x279, 19.6kB
May 2, 2005

NateDubya's Stephanie test thumbie
By Nate Dubya
If you kept track of the forums back before Stephanie appeared, I was fighting with how she'd look. Her outfit's kinda vital to her look and all. Going on some of the older ideas, Nate Dubya came up with this pic, which I still think has a lot more sinister a look than I could've given her. Check out how Stephanie might've looked!
401x991, 55.0kB
January 19, 2005

Dave the Turnip's DoM thumbie
By David "Turnip" Flodine, author of Floyd the Paramecium
Out of nowhere, Dave stopped by and decided to finish the job of reading the archives that he started so long ago. Once he was done, he came up with this little gem. While I do have to wonder why on earth Matt's excited to go on an adventure, it's a cool pic anyhoo!
800x615, 56.1kB
September 13, 2004

Nate Dubya's 'Cy' thumbie Nate Dubya's 'Jacob' thumbie Nate Dubya's 'Joe' thumbie
Cy, Jacob, and Joe
By Nate Dubya
Third time for Nate! This time, we get Cy in full armor, Jacob in his natural element, and Joe the bartender, which is quite impressive, given he hasn't appeared much in the comic yet. Nate's slowly running out of characters!
835x1264, 133kB
819x1125, 141kB
755x1379, 86.1kB
April 30, 2004

Nate Dubya's 'Marzos' thumbie Nate Dubya's 'Phinn' thumbie
By Nate Dubya
Nate comes back with more cast pictures! This time, it's Marzos and Phinn, in the most bizzare juxtaposition of characters I've seen yet.
1026x1204, 205kB
597x969, 50.3kB
April 20, 2004

Nate Dubya's 'Alex' thumbie Nate Dubya's 'Matt' thumbie
Alex and Matt
By Nate Dubya
All of a sudden, Nate Dubya from the Forum came forward with a couple bits of rather cool fanart for me. And hey, complete with odd quotes, too! As you can see, he pays attention to the BanterBits. You can do so much with fire!
735x913, 93.6kB
1040x1224, 129kB
April 19, 2004

One of the more infamous Art Forum threads in the JCF, a forum I used to frequent, was the "Blackraptor and Sal made me draw it" thread. All sorts of gender-swapping fun with various JCF members and their characters! Around page 24, you'll find my dare for anyone to draw me (artist) as female. Radium saw that dare and raised it by drawings of Alex and Matt, too. Fun for all!
205x264, 27.4kB
206x231, 47.7kB
December 21, 2003

Adis's QSC Interview thumbie
By Adrian "Adis" Romas, author of Count Your Sheep
Adis, a fellow member of QuickSketch Comics, has been running interviews and fanart for each member of the group every Sunday for quite some time now. December 14, 2003 was the DoM's turn. Adis says he was trying new tricks in Photoshop when he made this one, and I'd say it turned out quite sweet. Do remember to read the interview, too!
December 14, 2003

Cobra, an old friend of mine who helped me develop the DoM universe way back when, came up to me with this rather serene pic of Alex. As you can prolly see, Cobra's a pretty good artist. She has given me other fanart bits from before the DoM started, and I plan on putting those up eventually...
566x709, 58.5kB
December 14, 2003

Chris's 'Alex and Matt' thumbie Chris's 'Alex Redraw' thumbie
By Chris Paluszek of Carzorthade
Entirely by surprise, Chris, the author of Carzorthade, offered me a bit of fanart. And here it is: Alex and Matt drawn in his good ol' Carzorthade style. I'm sure you'll enjoy. Even got the gold trim right on Alex's dress. Then he came by later with the redrawn Alex. Methinks he might have plans...
231x168, 22.2kB
80x315, 16.5kB
December 8, 2003
June 14, 2004

Petie's 'Marzos' thumbie
By Walter "Petie" Shumate
Late one night, as Petie was working on his Ghastlycrumb Webcomics parody (note: No links exist to it anymore), he threw me this drawing of Marzos in the inking style he had to develop to mimic the style. And hey, it looks good, right? Right.
581x604, 36.4kB
October 13, 2003

Foxfulness's 'Marzos' thumbie
By Alexandra "Foxfulness" Laput
I subjected my good friend Foxfulness to the DoM, and she seemed to love it immediately. When she finished the archives, she came up with this little drawing of Marzos back in the cave in Terakol. Spiffing.
833x1050, 68.8kB
July 28, 2003

Petie's 'Concentrate' thumbie
By Walter "Petie" Shumate
Petie's been a good friend of mine since a bit before I got the DoM going. And so he made this here wallpaper, perfect for those days when you've just gotta concentrate.
1024x768, 145kB
July 19, 2003

Here's a more realistic-looking drawing of Matt and Alex by iris, an old friend of mine. Always curious, given my screwball cartoonish style isn't exactly made for realism, right? Anyhoo, a very cool pic indeed.
450x522, 136kB
July 19, 2003

Out of nowhere, JB gave me this nifty bit of fanart. Complete with more of Alex's Nasal Fly-worthy spells. JB's got a rather nifty drawing style, as you can see. And I dig the magic effects.
580x630, 111kB
July 19, 2003

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