by Nicholas Killewald

Guest Strips Coming In

Most Break Times, guest strips are called for. Whether or not I get them is another matter, but they're called for, and once in a while, people step up to the task.

The links will go back into the archives to the date in which the comic appeared.

Break Time #3

So I had this idea to summarize the entire comic thus far for Break Time #3. And then I figured out I'm terrible at making it a short summary. But then Eleika came out and said she could do the job, AND she could do it well! She gave me the text, I added in the annotations. So now's the time to catch up!

Bluez's guest 1 Thumbie
By Bluez
Bluez is an old friend of mine from some online community somewhereabouts in the past. He actually approached me with this guest strip way back near the start of the chapter, in response to a review of my comic, one I'm not sure is still there anymore. But, me being me, I sat on it for, oh, over two years before I used it. Oops.

Buster's guest 1 Thumbie
By Buster Snowbunny
Buster Snowbunny, curiously enough, is another old friend from that same online community Bluez hailed from. Yes, the community was about a rabbit-heavy video game. Like Bluez's, I wound up sitting on this one for a couple years before I had a Break Time to use it. At any rate, take a look at surgery in a world of magic!

Break Time #2

Fiona Dann guest 1 Thumbie
By Fiona Dann of NPC
Break Time #2's wave of guest strips started off with this one from Fiona Dann. She gave it to me before Break Time, saying I could use it whenever I was running out of ideas. That should have no bearing on when I decided to use it, of course. And as you can see, everyone loves Nasal Flies!

Petie Shumate guest 1 Thumbie
By Walter "Petie" Shumate
See, Petie reads over the cast pages. He knows about Taco Night at the Healing Springs. This doesn't take place IN the Healing Springs, per se, but it's still a taco. And STILL, everyone loves Nasal Flies! Even if they're not used!

Break Time #1

Matt Trepal guest 1 Thumbie
By Matt Trepal
The inagural DoM guest strip, this one came from Matt Trepal. Matt's always had a good way with writing, and it shows with everyone's favorite drunken bastard animated doll. Can't resist bar puns, can you?

Nick Doggendorf guest 1 Thumbie
By Nick Doggendorf
Shortly after Matt dropped off his strip, Nick Doggendorf dropped one off in the forums. Here you see Nick's unique cartoony-style drawing skillz in action. Beware the Ohio Valley. Watch out for snakes!

Jesse Barton guest 1 Thumbie
By Jesse "MrKraw" Barton
Here's one by MrKraw. He has no comic to link to yet, but he shot me this idea when coming up with a guest strip to do. And, well, here it is. Gotta love the Nasal Flies, right?

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