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I should just call this a wallpaper page and be done with it.

2022 Holiday wallpaper thumbie
2022 Holiday Pic
December 19, 2022
See? It was only TWO years since the last one this time! It's a 2022 holiday wallpaper! Well, I guess it's less "holiday" than it is just "winter", but shut up I just wanted to draw a curling scene this time around! This is almost certainly not canon! Enjoy! And happy holidays!

Color Background Test mobile wallpapers thumbie
Color Background Test mobile wallpapers
May 6, 2022
I'm not sure if you're aware of the look and feel features of recent versions of Android ("recent" as per time of writing), but there's a thing where some UI elements can be tinted to match a systemwide color scheme. This scheme is generally auto-chosen based on prominent colors in the home screen wallpaper. As such, I discovered the Goddess of the Wastelands wallpaper I posted earlier makes that purple.

To that end, I made a set of six MORE mobile wallpapers with six other characters, each with a different color! And, just to make things MORE of each color, I recolored their outfits to match! They're all sort of confused over that last part. Well, except Cesol.

Goddess of the Wastelands over Roslori wallpaper thumbie (looming variant)
Goddess of the Wastelands over Roslori
April 15, 2022
You'll never guess which comic in the last chunk of Chapter Eight I had planned in my head for way too long. And what's more, you won't have to, as now you can have a wallpaper of it on whatever wallpapery screen you want it on! And even better, there's three versions of it! When I was planning the scene, I had a few different poses for Stephanie sketched out before deciding on the laughing one. I fully drew two more of them out in the scene, and thus you get them as two more versions of the wallpaper!

Also, as an experiment, there's a mobile-specific version! It's vertically-oriented, and as such just has Stephanie (laughing variant) and the purple background.

2020 Holiday wallpaper thumbie
2020 Holiday Pic
December 22, 2020
Again, every four years was not the plan. But never mind that, it's a 2020 holiday wallpaper! Take whatever niftiness you can from the year, I say. And I choose to say it with beach elves enjoying a holiday night on the beach! I also choose to do so with a ludicrous amount of layers and filters! Enjoy! Happy holidays!

2016 Holiday wallpaper thumbie
2016 Holiday Pic
December 30, 2016
It's the holiday season, it's been four years since the last one, I swear I'm trying not to make that a thing, and it's still technically 2016, so here's a new holiday wallpaper! This one's based off a card I sent to a friend of mine a few years back, back when I was drawing cards for the holidays. I should pick that back up. This was also an experiment with using Krita to make the whole thing from the ground up, something I'm considering doing more of in the future. So, enjoy, and happy belated holidays!

Phinn Spring Wallpaper thumbie
Phinn Spring Wallpaper
April 4, 2016
Finishing up the Vector Season Series, here's one for spring! Springtime! Complete with Phinn (I swear I couldn't come up with any other character better-suited for the job) cheerfully walking through a sunlit field of square vector flowers! All thanks to conspicuous use of the Spray Objects tool in Inkscape!

Matt Winter Wallpaper thumbie
Matt Winter Wallpaper
February 22, 2016
Dangit, I didn't get a holiday wallpaper done. Guess it WILL be four years since the last one. But on the plus side, I've continued the Vector Season Series with this winter scene with Matt! Sometimes, the nights are cold and the weather is bleak when you're a thief. Be reminded of this fact every day with a stylish vectoriffic winter wallpaper!

Alex Autumn Wallpaper thumbie
Alex Autumn Wallpaper
September 22, 2015
Remember that old vector-based beach elf wallpaper I made a few years back? The one with the pointy lines and stylized edges with which I can make neat new sizes at will? Looking it over, it worked out well as a DoM wallpaper representative of "summer", so I had the idea to finish up the other seasons in a similar vectoriffic style. So, enjoy the muted colors of autumn with Alex's efforts at minor landscaping!

Jester Stephanie wallpaper thumbie
Jester Stephanie
March 23, 2015
This one might look familiar if you bought the book. This wildly non-canon outfit for Stephanie appeared as a sketch somewhere in there for fun. And, despite the fact she wouldn't be caught dead in a jester's outfit again, I always told myself that I'd turn that sketch into a wallpaper at some point. Now, thanks to way too many vector objects making up those chip stacks, such a wallpaper exists!

2012 Holiday wallpaper
2012 Holiday Pic
December 20, 2012
It's been another four years, hasn't it? Well, why not celebrate the holidays with our favorite jolly old dwarf, Cesol, as he rides his steam cart through the night sky, haphazardly distributing holiday cheer to... oh... let's say the people who live under his flight path. Hopefully. Happy holidays! Here's hoping it won't be another four years until the next one!

Alex-As-Chell wallpaper
The Part Where I Draw Alex As Chell
July 31, 2011
Hello! This is the part where I draw Alex as Chell! It even includes one standard-issue Aperture Science Airborne Rhinotological Device for increased testing efficiency.

Beach Elf wallpaper
Beach Elf Wallpaper
July 18, 2010
You remember that bright idea I had to make wallpapers for all of Chapter Four? Well, that got sort of derailed. But, this was going to be the second one: A vectoriffic wallpaper of a beach elf doing what she does best. A different style than what I usually go for. Happy summer! In the northern hemisphere!

Cy's Angels wallpaper
Cy's Angels
March 16, 2009
I suddenly had the bright idea to make wallpapers for the short stories in Chapter Four. So here's the first: Cy with two of the ladies. In a sort of cross between James Bond and Charlie's Angels.

2008 Holiday wallpaper
2008 Holiday Pic
December 26, 2008
I stopped to think to myself, it's been about four years since I put together a holiday wallpaper for download. But then I realized I didn't have any ideas again. Until about two days before Christmas, when I suddenly got an idea. So, it's a day late, but still, happy holidays!

Healing Springs wallpaper
Healing Springs wallpaper
April 21, 2008
It took me long enough to get this comic out the door, so I figured the least I could do is give you a chance to be reminded of it constantly by having it on your desktop in higher quality!

Worldwide Stephanie wallpaper
Worldwide Stephanie wallpaper
April 19, 2007
This one still remains one of my favorite wallpapers. It just works, somehow; fits Stephanie's personality perfectly and looks neat(ish) to boot. Enjoy!

Halloween 2005 wallpaper
Halloween 2005 wallpaper
October 31, 2005
So, Halloween reared its head once again. And wouldn't you know it, I decided on a wallpaper this year! Enjoy myself and Phil as our usual festive selves in the corner of your desktop!

Nasal Fly wallpaper
Nasal Fly wallpaper
August 20, 2005
This is a wallpaper I've been meaning to make for years now. A pleasing assortment of Nasal Flies of all shapes and sizes fluttering around your desktop, complete with Alex! Who wouldn't want that?

Nyert wallpaper
Nyert wallpaper
March 23, 2005
I was on a mission to get more wallpapers for everyone to enjoy. I figured, Spring was already hitting Michigan, so why not celebrate it with a bunch of violent impish bush-like creatures? Enjoy a swarm of Nyerts staring you down!

2004 Holiday thumbie
2004 Holiday Pic
December 25, 2004
Not to be content with just one holiday pic, I made another one for 2004. And it just had to feature everyone's favorite newcomer to the story, Stephanie. And it's a wallpaper, too!

Matt and Alex Back To Back thumbie
February 15, 2004
Nothing much, just a pic I made for the most recent QSC newsbox. Did it quickly. One of those poses I've wanted to do for a LONG time.

2003 Holiday Special thumbie
December 25, 2003
So, in 2002 I didn't have a holiday pic for everyone. Thus, I HAD to make one for 2003. Enjoy the holidays with everyone's favorite white-haired elf geek girl!

Fire in the Night thumbie
Fire in the Night
July 27, 2003
An old drawing. Alex throws exactly one fireball.

QSC Newsbox 1 thumbie
July 20, 2003
The high-quality version of the first QuickSketch Comics newsbox I drew out. The one that was there beforehand was, of course, just the BanterBit pic with some extra text on it.

Alone By The Lake thumbie
July 19, 2003
I dunno, Phinn just seems ideal for kinda moody, romanticy pics like these. I spent all kinds of time on this, especially since a lot of these effects I used for the first time. I like how it turned out.

Noir Phinn thumbie
July 19, 2003
The initial test drawing I did for the Noir-like shading I used in December 31, 2002's comic. I still kinda like the faint outlines and look of shock on Phinn's face in this one.

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