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Guest Strips Going Elsewhere

Watch me unleash my primitive art style on other innocent, unsuspecting webcomics!

The links here will go to each comic's webpage for when my strip appeared. I make no guarantees that the pages still actually exist or aren't squatted. Read at your own risk.

So over in Fragile Gravity, they had a bit of a penguin problem, what with them dominating humanity for a while and all. It happens. But, during the last attack on the penguin forces by humans, Barb and Chris set out a call for other views on the rebellion. And so, in came a Waddlebot to attack myself and Phil!
by Barb Fischer and Chris Impink

Once again, anniversary time came for No 4th Wall To Break, and of course, the guest panel bonanza began anew. Same rules as last year, we could only provide one panel without any text. So hey! Check it out! Try to figure out which one's mine! Without looking at the bottom!
by Chris Whetstone
May 21, 2005

Chris was going on vacation for a week or two, so he called upon his fans to give him some guest strippage. I came to help. It's another strip playing off the strange pseudo-relationship between the stone (not stoned, stone) Slate and the fire-happy Charlene. Makes more sense if you know the strip, but hey! Great fun anyway!
by Chris Paluszek
July 18, 2004

So, Monkey's adventure was long and pointless, sure, but he just didn't have anything to show for June. So he called for guest strips. I was happy to help. I mean, besides the fact he said not to use Jeremy (the guy in the party hat doing the talking). Oops. But hey, he liked it and it was fun! AND long and pointless!
by Monkey
June 15, 2004

Every year, Chris Whetstone of No 4th Wall To Break asks for people to make panels for his comic. Just one panel, no text. Then, on May 21 (N4WTB's anniversary), he orders them and puts text on them himself for all sorts of fun! This year, I took part in it! Check it out! My panel's the one with the nuke (Lit Match wondering why Otto started global armageddon on Earth)!
by Chris Whetstone
May 21, 2004

What could be more fun than making a guest strip for the verbose wordplay and cut-and-paste tomfoolery of Turing's Folly II? Proteus put out a call for guest strips, requesting people to take a template he had (all the characters you'll see on the strip without text) and add text for them to do something. So go see!
by Robin "Proteus454" Armstrong
May 10, 2004

One day, JB said she'd be gone for a couple weeks and needed guest strips to fill the space. Thus, her army of fans responded! I was one of them. Now you, too, can see Gwen, Baxter, Rremly, and a Jenga tower of dust bunnies in DoM style. Fun!
by Jen "JB" Boeke
March 21, 2004

So, BoxJam was in a bit of trouble. He was in a financial crush, he lost his job, and he was just plain and simply down. So, I figured I'd help him out and give him a guest doodle. Completely hand-drawn, including the text. How 'bout that?
by BoxJam
October 2, 2003

JB set out a call for guest strips for her comic. In my typically slow fashion, I actually got one done. Oddly, Rremly turned out to be easier to draw than Gwen. Maybe it's because he's in his natural habitat. Anyhoo, this was fun to draw. NEXT time I need a dragon in the DoM, it should look better than the one in Draft vs. Dragon.
by Jen "JB" Boeke
July 29, 2003

Flaming Moose was asking for fanart to help fill a week or so when he was gone. So, people stood up to the challenge. I, of course, came in dreadfully late. So late, in fact, that I was the last Dick! strip before the comic became Luther & Locke, which it exists as now. Still, FM told me he liked it, and I thought I captured Lawrence's personality well.
by Dick "Flaming Moose" Page
March 22, 2003

The first guest strip I ever did. Roughly two months before the DoM started. Around this pic, you can barely make out vague Oakland University buildings, like O'Dowd Hall, the Kresge Library, and the corner of the Oakland Center. And the geese. Can't forget the geese...
by Walter "Petie" Shumate
April 7, 2002

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