by Nicholas Killewald

Ikki Birds

Ikki birds are curious magic creatures. Most specimens have bright pink plumage, a single feather sticking out of the top of their heads, and long wings that extend far beyond the bone structure that should normally be associated with wings like those. As such, on the ground, they look like clumsy birds with floppy wings, but in the air, they move with a beautiful, some would say unnatural, grace. Though most ikki birds seem to show a level of empathy uncommon to most birds, most thauornithologists use the fact that they can fly with those wings in the first place as justification for classifying them as magic creatures.

The common ikki bird is a small sample of avian. They tend to subsist on a diet of berries and worms, like many small birds like that. Reports of ikki birds roughly as big as medium-sized dragons, intelligently loyal to a human master, and with a potential taste for meat are patently absurd, with the exception of one horrible experiment conducted by a similarly horrible person.

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