by Nicholas Killewald

The Castle of Dreams

High in the sky on certain days, you can see the distinct shape of a castle. There it sits, silent and unmoving, until, just as suddenly as it appeared, it vanishes. None know when or where it will appear, none know when it will vanish. Nobody even knows why it's there.

For the sake of convenience, we'll just call it the Castle of Dreams for now. That's what the people of Landis call it. Some believe it to be the source of dreams themselves. Every culture, however, has a different name and legend for it. The elves of Yuulor call it Roh'Lieris, the Castle of Destiny ("Roh'Lieris" being a proper name, not a translation), and believe it to be the home of great elven warriors who fell in battle. South of the wastelands, it's known as the Kingdom of Magic, where all magic comes from. The dwarves of Terakol see it as a wonderful workshop of amazing inventions, and the researchers of Lineta Hall work on the theory that it's the home of the gods. Still more stories and legends about it exist all over the planet.

None of this helps narrow down the real reason it's there, of course. It remains a mystery to all. Though some people swear they've seen a glowing red light fall out of the castle once in a very rare while. Those who have been lucky enough to be nearby to investigate always turn up the same thing: A hole in the ground in the middle of a small impact crater, and nothing else out of place...

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