by Nicholas Killewald

Lineta Hall

In ancient times, the followers of Lineta, Goddess of Wisdom, took it upon themselves to make a temple to their deity of choice. Though, given the nature of said followers, the temple didn't look much like those of other gods and goddesses. In accordance with the desire to further the cause of wisdom and knowledge, the temple resembled more of a research facility.

And in this temple-cum-laboratory, the cause of wisdom and knowledge WAS very well furthered. All topics, all subjects; magic, metallurgy, agriculture, ornithology, military strategy, physiology, mechanics, meteorology, the list goes on. Throughout the generations, countless people contributed to the greatest collection of information the world had ever seen, all in the name of Lineta. And then one day a messenger from the gods came down to inform them that they've sort of been mistaken all this time, and there actually was no Lineta, Goddess of Wisdom, and sorry for the inconvenience.

To put it lightly, the followers quickly sort of lost any direction, abandoned the temple, and swore never to talk about it again.

Long story short, many years later the remnants of the temple, still holding up well, were rediscovered by explorers. News quickly spread, people came to see what they could learn from the ancients, and, for all intents and purposes, the Linetan atmosphere lives again. Now renamed Lineta Hall, the hallowed halls and nearby town once again house researchers and free-thinking lunatics from around the world. Just without a local deity this time around.

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