by Nicholas Killewald

The Landis Kingdom

The Landis Kingdom is a rather large one, surrounded by the mountains of Terakol to the north, the swamp border of Breznial to the east, the unclaimed wastelands to the south, and the ocean to the west. The population is primarily human, though the independent elven forests in Landis's borders have created a growing elf presence in some areas, not to mention some peaceful dwarf encampments to the north. Its economy is largely agriculture-based, with generally open trade with Terakol and, via seaports on the coast, the far continent across the ocean.

Politically, the kingdom is relatively stable, ruled over by King Jonathan Landis V. It enjoys peaceful relations with Terakol, and more of apathetic official relations with Breznial, which all parties seem to agree is the best overall. Whether or not the gangs of Breznial respect this is another matter. The people of Landis are, on the whole, happy and content, right up the point of King Landis's irritatingly frequent habit of recklessly drafting citizens into the royal army if problems come up that they can't seem to deal with.

Truth be told, the Landis Kingdom isn't all that interesting. What's more interesting are the people inside it.

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