by Nicholas Killewald

Yuulor Forest

Elves like trees. That's just how it goes. That's why they live in forests.

Okay, it's actually more complicated than that. It's more like they've always lived in forests since time immemorial, and being perhaps the first race that existed in the world, that's a fairly authoritative "since time immemorial". They say that in the records of the oldest elven villages, you can find accounts of the beginning of time itself, provided you're willing to learn ancient elven script. This, of course, is a bit of hyperbole, but the fact still remains, there are eons of history in these forests, and a nigh-unlimited amount of stories in each.

In most cases, these stories are more than a bit boring, because not much happens in a forest. But, with enough searching, you can find some good ones. Yuulor Forest has a good one.

Yuulor, a forest southeast of the Landis Kingdom, is the original home of Phinn, Cy, and Lucien. In this forest, you would hear a story about a soul golem, a strange, dangerous construct of rocks and stone controlled by a living soul (blame the necromancers for the misleading name, they've got a somewhat strange sense of humor). A point in their history when, out of the blue, the village was assaulted by such a monstrosity, killing many, destroying much, and, just as out of the blue, collapsing back into a lifeless pile of rocks.

Nobody seems to know where it came from, where it went, why it struck, or who sent it, and nobody's all that eager to find out. In fact, most of them don't really like to talk about it; after all, as mentioned, it DID kill many and destroy much. Quite a few, like Cy, fled the village, not expecting there to BE a village to return to later. But, thankfully, the village remains. Just, another thing the elves don't want to talk about is whether or not the golem will return.

Worst of all, that point in their history was relatively recent, even by human standards...

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