by Nicholas Killewald

The Terakol Kingdom

Though most other races and nations aren't exactly sure how enough order can be maintained to have a distinct monarchy in play, the dwarf kingdom of Terakol definitely has one. Terakol sits in the mountains north of Landis and south of the Healing Springs. It's home to all manner of mountain dwarves, like Cesol, many of which are brilliant mechanical designers and engineers, if not more than a bit eccentric. Or rather, seemingly out of their minds. But, they're relatively harmless unless they get on a roll, and usually have a good idea of what's dangerous and what isn't. Sometimes. Maybe.

Terakol is at peace with the neighboring Landis Kingdom. This, however, does not prevent it from being an ideal destination for Landis citizens when they need to flee one of King Landis's military drafts. In an official sense, Terakol is supposed to take steps to prevent this, but unofficially, everybody, King Landis included, knows fully well that's not going to happen any time soon. The dwarves living on the border are generally hospitable to Landis refugees and many of them are prepared for the inevitable rush of visitors once in a while. This, in a way, is what happened to Vince after the incident with Matt; he still lives in Terakol today, in fact, afraid to get all that close to Landis.

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