by Nicholas Killewald

King Jonathan Landis V

They always say it's good to be the king. This typically assumes you want to be an opulent tyrant with delusions of grandeur and have little regard for the little people in your kingdom. I guess it also assumes you're male, but that's not the point. Things change a bit when you want to be a just and fair ruler. They don't change much, mind; it's still quite a bit better than most when you're that sort of king, but then you've got responsibilities to keep track of.

The fifth in the Landis family bloodline, King Jonathan Landis V peacefully rules over the Landis Kingdom. In reality, the kingdom requires little maintenance on the part of the castle. Some policing and defense here and there, taxes to collect, the occasional festival to throw, that sort of thing. The geopolitical makeup of neighboring countries don't even bother him much; they've been at peace with Terakol for ages, and Breznial, despite being a criminal cesspool, mostly keeps to itself, and nobody ever sees their queen anyway. And, all things considered, Landis's throne room and royal quarters aren't even THAT opulent and adorned, at least compared to others. So really, he's got a good job, and the people usually have a good time dealing with his policies.

Except for one. There's this one odd quirk he's got involves his army and his expectations of them. Namely, he sort of panics when something goes wrong. This has led to the kingdom's infamous policy of rampant military drafts every so often, as well as, ultimately, significant chunks of the army not being the best-prepared or having all that much morale. But hey, the people have gotten wise to this over the years and they know the best ways to escape to Terakol or similar until the drafts blow over, so all said, it's hard to hold it against him, right?

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