by Nicholas Killewald

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Yes, Terakol. The Dwarf kingdom somewhere in the mountains to the north of the Landis Kingdom. As implied in King Landis's cast page. Please tell me I'm not just writing those things for my own health.

That said, of course, one may wonder exactly how well dwarves are known for their brandy. While it is true that the elves typically make better brandy than dwarves, elven brandy tends to be lighter and have a finer, moderately pronounced taste, while dwarven brandy is definately heavier and far sweeter. In fact, the only real difference between dwarven brandy and dwarven booze is alcohol content. Dwarven booze is rather unconsumable by many sentient species besides dwarves themselves, and has been known to dissolve holes clear through the stomach of a dragon.

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