by Nicholas Killewald

Monday, November 25, 2002

I understand fully that perhaps the pacing of the last few strips seems to be rushing things a bit. I could take the time to try to give more of an impression that Ogin (the liaison) seems to put more importance on personal wealth and greed than anything remotely military-like, that most dwarves aren't like this (in fact, most are fairly generous), and a few other odds and ends.

However, explaining most of this would be a bit out of character for Matt, Alex, and Howard, given each of them have fairly good experience with dwarves either via first- or second-hand knowledge. THEY know dwarves don't typically behave like this, THEY know something's up, but to have them explain it in more detail than on Friday's comic would largely be stating the obvious to them.

Plus, the three of them ARE being rushed through this by the border guard in an attempt to disorient them and not have them ask too many questions. This strategy, of course, seems to be largely failing.

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